DRaaS- Keep your Key Applications up & Running during Disaster

Protecting Enterprises data for business continuity means walking a step ahead from just Data backup on real-time over cloud (read more about same on DVault by Digiswitch)
Indian Enterprises need to keep the vital enterprises Applications spinning to feed the business need to manage billing /purchase / inventory/HRMS etc. You know today businesses run on APPs.
The Internal IT team alone cannot guaranty the uptime of an Application failure in case of a failure.

This requires a DRaaS specialist services provider like Digiswitch to help IT team do an automated Failover and Failback Scenarios along with protecting (Backing up) Physical, Virtual and Cloud.

Instances of enterprises.
  • Top-rated managed service backed by SLAs
  • Access critical systems in the cloud after an outage
  • Includes planning, testing, reporting and analysis with issue resolution
  • EVault manages all backup operations to meet desired RTO/RPO outcomes
  • Complete failover for maintenance, upgrades and outages