DVault: Real-time Data backup over to Azure (by Gartner leading technology)

Digiswitch envisioned the power of public cloud for protection of enterprises Data and application way back in 2013. This was the time India was just progressing to 3G and Enterprises work forces were already mobile with BYOD.
Every CISO and IT lead had night mare about data security and vulnerability as their current on –premise Data protection (backup) was not designed to protect Data residing on Users Devices working from anywhere on earth. Some-makeshift local Datacentres’ based technology was not adhering to the global Data security and had issues in performance.
Digiswitch was fortunate enough to bring in the first Public Cloud (Azure) based Data backup services for Indian Enterprises by partnering with Evault, Inc in 2013. Digiswitch Infotech Pvt Ltd customers were be able to store and retrieve their data from client devices as well as servers, databases, and whole systems with flexibility to define where and how they store their data on cloud. A year later in 2014 the services was further refined by directly partnering with DataCastle, Inc, a Gartner leading End Devices protection provider .
Today with 4G and 5G in pipeline , keeping data on public cloud ( Azure ) is not just easy/economical but provides more security and performance , CISO & IT lead are fast embracing the Digiswitch Azure cloud based data protection services branded as –DVault. 

DVault on Azure help India Enterprises to Protect (Backup) vital users data on a real time with inbuilt Data Archival & on demand Advance Data Analytics that is being used by thousands of clients in India & worldwide.

Some highlight of the DataCastle that make it true large Azure cloud backup solution being trusted by large enterprises requiring regulatory Compliances with 100 % data safeguard with remote data wipe and users movement tracking-?

• Prevention of data loss from Laptops & Desktops and Servers:
DVault on Azure- is Azure cloud-based backup-and-recovery solution for laptops/Desktops that continuously and efficiently protects data and prevents data loss regardless of network connectivity. It can also retrieve and remotely wipe laptop data, simplifying your IT department’s handling of lost devices and employee turnover. Users stay productive and protected, and organizations gain complete visibility and control.

Auto Detect user’s Networks

Turn-off backup if user device is connected to 4G or 3G mobile network to create a cost effective backup experience.

Adaptive Compression

Use up to 50 percent less bandwidth, get shorter backup windows.

Front-End De-duplication & Global De-duplication

Block-level, incremental backups with unlimited version support.

File/Folder Encryption

Per-device encryption keys (256-bit AES/FIPS 140-2) keeps individual and group information separate and con?dential. Data is never decrypted or exposed, even during deduplication.

In-Flight Encryption

128-bit SSL stealth flight path to prevent hacking or man-in middle data theft .

Enhance User Productivity

Instant remote data retrieval and wipe simpli?es the handling of lost devices and employee turnover.

Geo-tracking of users location

Instant tracking of the users by the last IP and location at with data was backed up. It is vital to track user during any business travel or untoward incidences.