Digiswitch, a niche data management services company, with a vision to simplify the Data Availability and Data Security workflow process for Indian Enterprises.  Digiswitch has been in business since 2012, with experienced team having first-hand knowledge and ability to provide SLA based data backup, recovery and data security solution. Digiswitch partner with DataCastle, a  Washington Corporation to provide the best cloud services, on premise software and backup as service to the Indian resellers. With DataCastle’s established and proven track record in delivering cloud-connected data protection solutions, we have found the ideal partner to meet these needs now and in the long term MSA Brings DataCastle’s Leading Cloud-Connected Backup and Recovery Solutions to Burgeoning Market
Board of Directors-
1. Mrs. Moni Srivastava , Women Entrepreneur .
2.Mr. Gaya Prasad ,  Educationist , Ex. Principal 

Key Management Person-   Rajeev Ranjan Kumar , (CEO.  He is a Post Graduate in PHYSICS & having Post Graduate Diploma in Management. He has got 18 Plus years experience in Data Backup , Data Security  and telecom filed. 
Prior to Digiswitch, he worked as Regional Head of France based Backup Software company in India, He also has served in key Account team with Reliance Telecom. )

“Keeping Indian Enterprises  Data Available & Secure”