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DR as a service

DR as a service


DRaaS- Keep your Key Applications up & Running during Disaster

Protecting the data of Enterprises for business continuity means walking a step ahead from just Data backup on real-time overcloud.

Indian Enterprises need to keep the vital enterprise Applications spinning to feed the business need to manage billing /purchase/inventory/HRMS etc. You know today businesses run on APPs.

The Internal IT team alone cannot guarantee the uptime of an Application failure in case of a failure.

This requires a DRaaS specialist services provider like Digiswitch to help IT team do an automated Failover and Failback Scenarios along with protecting (Backing up) Physical, Virtual and Cloud.

Instances of Enterprises

  • Top-rated managed service backed by SLAs
  • Access critical systems in the cloud after an outage
  • Includes planning, testing, reporting and analysis with issue resolution
  • Evault manages all backup operations to meet desired RTO/RPO outcomes
  • Complete failover for maintenance, upgrades and outages


No delays, no data loss
Carbonite Availability continuously replicates changes from the source environment into a secondary target anywhere in the world. Once the initial seeding is complete, changes are transmitted in real-time, ensuring that the replica is in sync. The software replicates files, applications, or an entire server, including its system settings.

Rapid failovers prevent downtime
In the event of a disaster to one system or an entire data center, a failover to the secondary location can be easily invoked. The secondary systems spin up and users are re-routed within only a few seconds or minutes of interruption.

Negligible performance impact
The production servers protected by Carbonite Availability will not experience any performance degradation due to the replication. As changes are captured and transmitted at the byte level, the impact caused to the network performance is minimal.

Physical systems support
Physical systems, which are typically critical to operations, are often left out of the disaster preparation plan. To ensure all IT systems are protected, the Carbonite Availability solution can replicate Microsoft Windows or Linux servers on any underlying platform and to any target: physical, virtual, or cloud. This enables IT to unify its business continuity solution across all platforms in a single solution.