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DRaaS – Compliance or Resiliency?


DRaaS – Compliance or Resiliency?

I have Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution. There is no requirement from my organization for any cyber resiliency…

This is what most of our customers says and most of our partners get to hear from organizations. A few points to ponder:

  • How much are you spending in support of the similar infrastructure at DR site?
  • How much time does it take for your team to bring up the DR site?
  • How many times have you tested full-blown access from DR Site?
  • How seamless was the DR site access to your users?
  • How much time was your DR site running live without any complaints from the users?
  • How successful were you to bring the data back to your primary site or for the failover?
  • And most importantly – Is doing a DR drill for your business always brings lots of stress, anxiety and nervousness to your team and you?

Think Again – Is your DR site available as a requirement from Auditors or is it available in case of business down scenarios?

What is the current DR solutions which are available?

  • Virtualization layer-based replication
  • Application level replication
  • Storage level replication
  • Hardware based replication
  • Third Party tools

What does this bind you to?

  • Same Virtualization platform in DR site as well
  • Same Storage in DR site as well
  • Similar hardware in DR site as well
  • Applications running 24×7 even in DR Site
  • Huge Infrastructure and Power requirement

Assuming that your Datacenter team manages this DR site as well, are you still able to get the following results:

  • All applications available to users from DR site
  • Seamless experience to the end user from DR site as well
  • Real time RPO and 30 min RTO max
  • Support for DR for all applications, all databases and all Windows and Linux OS
  • Support for your ERP applications
  • Support for all kind of databases you have
  • Multi location DR site / replication facility – near DR and far DR from the same utility

COVID19 has taught us all one thing – when the unimaginable hits, the consequences are disastrous. How well is your organization prepared for the same?

DRaaS as a Server by Digiswitch provides single point for you to address these. Powered by World leading Cloud Provider Microsoft Azure and the most trusted Carbonite Availability solution.

Contact us or our partners for more details on the solution. 

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